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Welcome to the IPMS Farnborough Model Club

We specialise in static scale models made from plastic construction kits, but welcome and encourage all forms of modelling

In this site we describe our hobby, our club and its meetings, and the various shows and events around the country where we exhibit our models

We also have information on our annual show, Modelfest, and some real-world reference material  

July 2018

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with July's club meeting and this month with the visit of Dave Richardson fromACTSMS Canberra, it was decided to put on an Antipodean model disply in his honour:

Apologies for being so slow updating the site this month, house moving got in the way a bit!

July also saw us attend the IPMS ROmsey show, a very nice small show just down the road. Sadly there was no steam roller this year but a very good pub lunch and an enjoyable show. The usual suspects were present...


June 2018

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with June's club meeting.

The beginning of June saw the usual crew invade the IPMS Salisbury show. Not a single NBC suit in sight! I'm afraid I forgot to take a photo of the club table, but here is the group reporbate photo as consolation!

May 2018

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with May's club meeting

April 2018

28th April was the date for a new TV/Movie/Comics Convention in Abingdon called Thames Con. We were invited to put on a Sci Fi model display via Malcom of Models of Heroes so I packed up my Sci Fi models and took them along...

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with April's club meeting

 14th April was the Poole Vikings show ona  lovely sunny day. In the show competition, Chris McKee won a gold for his Harrier and I won a silver for the Eagle Cargo Transporter. A good day.

28th April was Theamscon in Abingdon. This was a TV/comic/media convention which had a small section for modellers which included Models for Heroes, IPMS Milton Cheney and their SciFi models and cosplay and I filled a table with my SciFi models collection. Lots of interest fromt he public - the Thunderbirds models are always a hit for people of a certain age :) The kids live Iron Man as well... Paul came along to assist with carrying boxes, so cheers, there were a lot!

Good lord, its a photo with me in it!! 

8th April was the Cosford model show and a great time was had by all - well except for the after-effects of the chinese buffet on the Saturday night! The theme was RAF 100 and there was an excellent sellection of models of all eras apart from pre-1940 (I blame JT and Chris Shepherd for not coming!). We were able to get two extra tables which was handy as John L has built a large base for his Sandcrawler model which along with the Stardestroyer take up a table all by themselves (almost) :)

Here are the crew bright eyed and bushy tailed at the start of the day

To our great surprise, halfway through the afternoon, Gary Stevens came over to the tables and told us we'd won the "Best Club Display" Trophy. Here he is presenting the trophy to Ian, photo-bombed by Allan

and here is the trophy in all its glory

Overall, a great time was had by all!

Eric has unearthed some vintage movies of an airshow at RAF Odiham in 1992 and uploaded them to YouTube. There are even some familiar, although younger, faces visible in the model show section! You can see all the videos here: RAF Odiham Cretan Day Airshow 1992

March 2018

March 24th was the Yeovil model show, a new one on the calendar but a nice smallish show located in 3 school halls. Here is the table and the usual suspects behind it


Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with March's club meeting, this month it was the Members Trophy with a subject of Dioramas. The winner was Jan Jurena with the beautifully painted Cavalrymen of 1915

Here is the winning entry next to the trophy

Here is Jan recieving the Trophy from President Eric the First

The club AGM was also held with all the officers agreeing to continue for another year, It was announced that the September Member's Trophy slot would be changed to become a new Trophy: The Canadian Trophy, so the Member's trophy now becomes an annual event rather than bi-annual.

February 2018

This month was the Antipdean Trophy and the winner was Mark Worboys with his 1:48 Mirage IIIO from 75 Sqn RAAF.

Here is Mark receiving the trophy from the Chairman, Eric

We also had a visit from a representative from the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice to whom Eric presented out annual donation from funds raised at Modelfest

Thanks to Chris Bradley for doing the photography this month while I recover from the lurgy! The Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with February's club meeting.


January 2018

Happy new Year to all our readers! The news for 2017 has been archived under the "2017" menu entry.

Competition gallery and results table are now up to date with January's club meeting.

The January club meet saw the voting for Model of the year for 2017 and was awarded to John Leah and his truly superb Imperial Star Destroyer


Second place was Pete Readman for his Fairey Gannet AS4:

and joint 3rd place went to:

Rick Shea for his Shakelton Mk2

Simon Prince for his diorama 'Range Target'

Brian Boot for his London Tram