About the Club

Welcome to IPMS Farnborough  website!

IPMS Farnborough is one of the oldest IPMS branches. However, you do not have to be a member of IPMS to visit us; all modellers, and everyone interested in modelling, are very welcome.

Our aim is to expand and improve the hobby of scale modelling. We do this through:

The membership includes a wide cross-section of age ranges, backgrounds and occupations. Their modelling interests cover aircraft, military vehicles, cars, trucks, ships, figures and science fiction subjects.  Their many other talents include flying real aeroplanes, riding real motorcycles, supporting charitable causes, and poetry.

Our logo is based on Cody’s Tree, which was famously used to tether the aeroplane of Samuel Cody, the first man to undertake a powered flight in Britain.

The “I” in “IPMS” stands for International, and with this is mind we have twinned with IPMS Ottawa in Canada and the Australian Capital Territory Scale Modellers' Society.  Through this we cultivate friendships between our countries and exchange modelling and research ideas and tips. Click on a link below to see more about these clubs and our relationship with them

IPMS Ottawa

Australian Capital Territory Scale Modellers' Society


The Club has two groups on Facebook:
IPMS Farnborough Model Club is a public group, visible to all, and is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/303595079740952/