Phyllis Tuckwell

We have supported the good work of the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice for a number of years.  In 2003 we raised £400 for them from activities including our annual Modelfest show. In 2010 we raised £1,500:


From left to right

Chris McKee (IPMS Farnborough Chairman), club members Dave Matthews-Smith, John Constable and Les Burningham, and Charlotte Moakes from the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

At the Phyllis Tuckwell Garden Party Les Burningham, Bill Simpson and Otto Ulrich tried not to frighten the public
On behalf of the club, Otto presented a cheque to the Hospice

 As usual, Bill’s Titanic diorama impressed visitors.


True Story

Father, seeing Bill’s Titanic, to little boy “Look, it’s the Titanic; do you know what happened to the Titanic?”

Little Boy “Yes, it hit an ice cube”

(Not so daft.  An ice cube could do a lot of damage in that scale!)